Mitchell Girls

To Whom It May Concern:
We enrolled our three daughters into the Whole Brain Reading Summer Camp Reading program (in) 2002. All three of our girls were on medication for ADHD.

They were having trouble focusing, staying on task, concentrating, and completing their work. Although all three are very intelligent with high IQ's, their lack of focus and inability to concentrate caused behavioral problems.
Becky Williams program first started out dealing with their ADHD problem by addressing the fact that ADHD does not have to control you or your life. Which I was very pleased with. Through (her) the program we have been able to cut all three of there medication level(s) in half for each child. While at the same time each of our children have learned to focus, stay on task, concentrate, and conduct themselves in an intelligent manner.
We would recommend any training or teaching program done by Becky Williams or by her system.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Mitchell


From Becky: The mother of these children was desperate for help. All three of her daughters were on ADHD medicine and struggling in school prior to our Workshops.

Mitchell Girls 2002