Dear Becky:
We want to express how impressed we are with the progress Robert has made since he was enrolled in your program!

We'll start with how Robert was doing before he came to your program and then inform you of how he is doing currently.
Robert was repeating Kindergarten this year as he had a very difficult time recognizing letters and being able to produce their sounds. It seemed that he'd know some sounds and letters one day, but the next day he wasn't able to recognize them. Putting sounds together to make words was extremely difficult for him. He was very unsure of himself and constantly asking for guidance or reassurance that he was doing his work correctly. He was not able to work independently. He frequently got nervous and frustrated and was reduce to tears. Our hearts went ou to him because he was trying so hard, but he just wasn't able to grasp and retain the concepts. As educators, we were extremely frustrated with our inability to reach Robert so that he could experience success.
Since Robert has returned to our school after having been in your program, he has undegone a remarkable transformation! He is confident and sure of himself. He is able to work independently. He sounds out words and reads fluently and well above kindergarten grade level! He smiles all the time now and helps other kids with their reading! He has become a leader! It has truly been wonderful to see him blossom and feel good about himself and his abilities! We are very grateful to you for the work you have done with Robert! He is doing very well and we are so pleased with his progress! Robert is such a nice, young boy, and we are so happy for him that things are now making sense to him! Your program has been remarkable for him!
In closing, we would just like to again express our amazement at the progress Robert has made. Your program has been wonderful for him, and we would certainly be interested in learning more about your program! How did you do it? If you'd like to share any of your secrets, we're all ears!

Lisa, Kindergarten Teacher
Nona, “Title One Instructor”

From Becky: Robert’s family lives in Wisconsin. They come to Louisiana for the winter every year. The first year he attended our classes, December of 2005 through mid-February 2006, was in a home schooling setting. He was repeating Kindergarten, yet still failing. After his family returned to Wisconsin in the spring of 2006 he had changed so much that his teachers (a regular kindergarten teacher and a special Ed teacher) wrote me the following letter. (I continued to work with Robert as his winter term teacher through 2011. After Robert’s great success, many of his cousins attended my classes until the spring of 2015 when I moved to Texas.)

robert 2006