We all love her. She rewards us for doing well and makes us proud of ourselves. She has a unique way of teaching that makes learning fun.

  • B stands for her BEAUTY inside and out. She is a BLESSING to everyone she teaches.
  • E stands for her ENTHUSIASM, ENERGY, and the EFFORT she puts forth for every child
  • C stands for the CARE, COMFORT, and CORRECTION given in love as needed
  • K stands for the KNOWLEDGE KINDLY given and the KEY to math and reading
  • Y stands for her YEARS of experience, and her YOUTHFUL YEARN to teach all who willing to learn

Put them all together and they spell "BECKY" -- the Best Teacher in the whole wide world!!!

glen 2009

From Becky: Glen struggled with severe anxiety and struggled with reading, his progress was so great his grandmother wrote this poem.