Prior to 2002 the program was offered freely to the family and friends of the founder. In 2002 the program was officially formatted and offered to the general public as Whole Brain Reading Programs,LLC. In 2012 the name was changed to Kaleyedoscoptics, A Visual Approach to Reading, LLC so the program could be officially registered as a trademark. Below are testimonials from 2002 through today to show you the consistency of the program over the years. The following testimoniials help to demonstrate how this program can make profound changes in students’ lives.

What Parents Are Saying

4/14/16 Text from a parent whose child started classes January 2, 2016:   

“I thought you would love to know that L.H. got her progress report yesterday for the last quarter and so far she has a 96 in math!!! She started out the year with a 93 in math then dropped to a 77 the second quarter and an 86 for the third quarter. Yeah for Kaleyedoscoptis Tutoring!” S.H.


Grace was evaluated in August of 2016 to check her readiness for Kindergarten. The evaluation revealed that she was having difficulty with visually focusing. She was then referred to see an optometrist. Listen to this voice-mail from her mother following her appointment with the optometrist.

Grace's Progress


Dear Becky:
We want to express how impressed we are with the progress Robert has made since he was enrolled in your program!

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We all love her. She rewards us for doing well and makes us proud of ourselves. She has a unique way of teaching that makes learning fun.

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Mitchell Girls

To Whom It May Concern:
We enrolled our three daughters into the Whole Brain Reading Summer Camp Reading program (in) 2002. All three of our girls were on medication for ADHD.

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"Ugh! I'm not good at this!" I told myself at the beginning of the fourth grade school year. "I hate math!" More like, I used to hate math! I thought math was impossible, but I was wrong.

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Thank you so much for all of your hard work and relentless dedication.

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