At Kaleyedoscoptics, every student discovers that he or she is smart and can learn to read, write, and increase mathematical fluency and reasoning.
Our classes are very different from any traditional classroom environment. In our classes students learn how to learn so they overcome their learning difficulties.

Why are we different and so successful?

Kaleyedoscoptics is incredibly effective because we physically prepare the mind and body to learn. Connections in the brain work with the body in the same way as a lamp switches on when plugged into the correct outlet. Think of learning as completing a circuit, much like an electrical one. Electricity flows into our homes through a fuse panel before continuing on to switches and outlets. We then plug in lights, computers, and other devices to allow them to function. In a similar manner, information flows into our brains through our eyes or ears and then out again as a physical action through our mouth and hands.

While there are numerous electrical circuits in our homes to make things work, there are four primary informational connections in our bodies to make learning work. Two of these information connections are for input, the visual line (in through the eyes) and the aural line (in through the ears). The other two lines are for output, the oral line (out through the mouth) and the graphical line (out through the hands).

These four processing connections are necessary for everyone, as described in the chart below. There has to be a receiving line for information entering the brain; as well as a responding line for the information coming out of the brain for a student to be able to complete an academic task:

Examples Information INPUT Information OUTPUT
Reading out loud IN through the Eyes OUT through the Mouth
Repeat information IN through the Ears OUT through the Mouth
Reading a test & writing answers IN through the Eyes OUT through the Hand
Taking a written spelling test IN through the Ears OUT through the Hand


By looking at the examples of academic tasks above, we can help you figure out which connection(s) your student’s brain has turned on, and which are turned off. Look at your student’s school work; align the papers with the good grades with the processing connections above. Those connections are on. Then align the bad papers in the same way; those connections are off. Is there a pattern emerging?

  • • Which circuits are working for your son or daughter?
  • • Which circuits are not working for your child?
  • • Think about what academic tasks cause your student to struggle. Are these tasks related to one or more connections that are not working properly for your student?
  • • Are the processing connections that your child is not able to utilize the ones that are being used in the classroom?

When students fail it is not because they are unable to learn, it is because they are being asked to process information through a connection that is physically under-developed. Therefore, failure is NOT the student’s fault. Many students know that they should be able to remember information for a test, yet they are unable to do so. This inability to perform can cause them to have increased feelings of inadequacy and reduced self-confidence. Frequently they become frustrated and may even begin to act out or shut down entirely.

As a student’s ability to properly utilize these connections develops, disabilities and undesirable behaviors are replaced with confidence and success. Students quickly begin to achieve academic progress, improve learning skills and strengthen all four primary informational connections. Teaching your child to properly utilize these connections in every class assures that he or she better receives information made available to him or her through the connections that are on while developing the connections that may be off.

At Kaleyedoscoptics:

  • • Every class is customized to meet each student’s unique processing and academic requirements.
  • • The point where each student began to falter is identified, and teaching begins there./li>
  • • We utilize all four primary informational connection processes in every class.

Every class begins with a routine of specifically designed physical movements that activate both hemispheres of the brain thereby increasing the efficacy of our programs. We cover the basics of each subject to be sure that no piece of essential information has been missed or lost. We reteach information that has not been retained while improving physical and visual processing abilities. Once the foundation of academics has been re-laid and physical function is improved, the student will be prepared to move forward academically.

Because we customize our classes to our students, we achieve significant increases in self-confidence which in turn increases their willingness to set and achieve higher learning goals. By changing individual weaknesses into strengths, we are able to create meaningful experiences of success for our students. This results in a marked increase in confidence within just a few weeks.

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