Becky Williams-LeBlanc

Becky Williams-LeBlanc has been developing Kaleyedoscoptics, A Visual Approach to Learning, for 28 years. The process began with her identical twin daughters who had severe visual processing issues due to premature birth. .

Shortly after that first meeting, Ms. Bailey began working with Becky’s daughters. Neither girl’s left eye was working correctly. One of the girls was severely cross-eyed while the other’s eye lid drooped down over the pupil of her eye. The amazing success her daughters had with Ms. Bailey inspired Becky to undertake seven years of tutelage with Ms. Bailey.

During that time, Becky developed some of her strongest convictions about honoring students’ differences. For example, her daughters’ brains had expressed their visual challenges in different ways, these differences became the foundation of Becky’s guiding principle- no two students are exactly the same.

Becky gained additional experience in education while homeschooling by taking many educational workshops and trainings. She began homeschooling her own children in 1988 due to dissatisfaction with the education they were receiving. As extended family members and friends started seeing improvement in her children, they began asking her to work with their children. In 2002 she formalized her program and opened as Whole Brain Reading Programs, LLC. This name was chosen because she works with the “Whole Brain”.

Whole Brain Reading Programs became so successful that she decided to trademark the processes and name. During the initial process for the trademarking, she was informed that she would not be able to trademark that name. She was directed to find a new name that really stated what she did, that was different from any other name. Thus, Kaleyedoscoptics was born in 2012 and officially opened in the fall of 2013.

The name was perfect since every time you look into a kaleidoscope it is different it represented how different each class is for each student. Syllabicating the name really demonstrates the meaning:
*kal=for calisthenics (represents the physical activities which turn on the brain)
*eye=for the eyes of course (without them what would we do)
*do=because every student must do everything 4 ways (see it, say it, hear it, do it)
*scoptics=because we look at every detail closely (sometimes as if through a microscope and others times as if through a telescope).
Saying goodbye to the name Whole Brain Reading Programs was difficult, but the experience of going through the trademarking process was exciting, educational and well worth the effort. The new name is becoming as well known and loved as the old one.

Certifications held by Mrs. Leblanc

• The Writing Road to Reading by Romalda Spalding
• Brain Gym by Doctor Dennison
• Adult Literacy Tutoring by Dr. Frank C. Laubach.
• Bachelor’s of Science Degree with depths in English, History, Human Resource Management and Religious Studies. Deans List, Graduated with Honors.
• Associate Degree in MarketingGraduated with Special Honors, Phi Theta Kappa

In May of 2015, Becky moved to Texas with her husband to be close to her daughter and good friend. They settled near Spring, TX where Kal*eye*do*scoptics, LLC, a Visual Approach to Learning is up and running @ and has already dramatically touched student’s lives. . As soon as she got settled in Texas, having moved from Louisiana in 2015, she began volunteering at Bridgewood Farms in Montgomery County. Bridgewood Farms, in operation since 1967, provides various programs and respite care to teens and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. LeBlanc’s dream and goal is for everyone to be able to achieve their fullest potential no matter what obstacles may lay in their path.